Kai Ingemann Schnetler
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Welcome to my homepage!

Since the late 1960ties I have been interested in Cainozoic molluscs. I have been studying these fossils since then and have contact with people all over the world with the same interest. I have contact with amateur collectors and palaeontologist like me, as well as with geologists and palaeontologists working at geological institutions or museums. I have also contact with zoologists, working on recent molluscs.

During the last 40 years I have collected and exchanged molluscs in Denmark as well as abroad. In this way I have got a good knowledge of the molluscs from different periods and bassins. I am especially interested in gastropods.

Since 1985 several papers have been published in Danish periodicals and periodicals abroad. These are listed on "Publikationsliste" ( List of publications).

I have been working as a teacher from1971 to 2008 and I am especially interested in mathematics, science and music.

A list of established taxons can be seen on "Opstillede taxa".