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This tiny sinistral shell (height 1.5 mm) is only known from the Brejning Clay at Mogenstrup. Only 5 specimens have been collected, all by processing of the clay. In 1990 it was established as Laiocochlis (Laiocochlis) supraoligocaenicus



This gastropod belongs to the family Muricidae and the species name is Muricopsis pereger. The species is very rare in Denmark (2 specimens from Ĝlst, 2 from Branden and one from Ulstrup). The illustrated specimen has been collected at Ĝlst..


Protoconch of Mesopelex anderseni from the Gram Clay. Length of protoconch is about 1/4 mm. SEM-photo by Andrzej Kaim, Warszawa. The species is only known from Gram and was established 2005.


The genus Tatara from Fakse corallian limestone


The gastropod to the left has been collected in the so-called "nose-chalk". The genus Tatara was until now known from the Eocene and Miocene of Australia only. The Danish species suggests a connection between the North Sea Basin and the Australian region. It has been established and described as Tatara danica Schnetler & Petit, 2006.

The photo to the right shows a silicone rubber cast of an impression in corallian chalk. On the photo of the adult specimen (estimated height 25 mm) knobs on the columella and the internal side of the labrum can be clearly seen.